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  The Habit Factor®. 
In Just Two Days You Will Reshape Your 2022 Results!

From Stressed & Frustrated to 
Achieving Her Most Important Goals

You can follow the exact same process and
be on your way today!

Sarah H. (entrepreneur & new mom) applies The Habit Factor® to achieve her goals.
The Two-Day Habits & Goals Mastery Challenge is NOW ON-DEMAND!
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ABOUT ME    |   FAQ w/ VIDEO (below)
100% of Past "Challengers" Who took the post-event survey said they would recommend this event to a friend or loved one! That's right, 100%!
John H.
Habit Factor Success!
(Posted in Group - After Challenge)

Thanks, Martin & Jen
I was spinning my heels for weeks in editing then I applied habit principles and today, My ebook is Published!
Barb Y.
“This experience has really helped me to identify the right habits that will help me to reach my goals.

I would definitely recommend this challenge. You are encouraged by the group with Martin and Jen and a bunch of others who will cheer you on.
In a relatively short time commitment you will get a lot out of it.”
Michael M.
I can't put it any more simply than this; THIS is GREAT STUFF!

Great information and very practical.
A HOMERUN in the helpful department. Thank you Jen & MG!

  • ​Get Unstuck
  • ​  Gain Clarity

  • ​Enhance Productivity
  • ​Improve Focus & Discipline
  • ​Effectiveness Principles
  • ​Goal Achievement Best Practices
  • ​Habit Development Best Practices
  • ​Mindset
  • ​Mastery
Join the Two-Day Habits & Goals Mastery Challenge Today!
Anna L.
“Why wait? It's never fun not going anywhere... This has already given me so much more than I realized!
 I know anyone can do this, even without out a very specific goal because this program surprised me.

 I’m really glad I jumped in. It’s not a big commitment but the return is wonderful!”
Jed O.
“The value in the Clarity Day alone was priceless!

As a professional collegiate athletics coach and executive within the IT industry the habits and goals mastery concepts were extraordinarily powerful and will be fun to teach as well as put to use ASAP! Thank you!
Bodie C.
"You will learn to view your situation from another vantage point and how to take the right steps to achieve your goals."

If you are looking to create long-term change and find clarity for yourself— give this Challenge a go!
I now realize that if I continue to pursue actionable habits and stay focused, I can achieve my goals.  

1. Gain Clarity

Five time-proven clarity exercises to get you excited and motivated again.
It's been said that 80% of success and happiness are derived from CLARITY alone! Meanwhile, lack of clarity is responsible for general frustration and unhappiness. Get clear — get focused!
2. Repeatable Method
Applying The Habit Factor® is a repeatable practice. Once you understand how to master the force of HABIT rather than letting habit master you, you can apply Habit Alignment Technology™ and HabitStrength™ principles to each and every goal you set for yourself. 
3. Proven Practices
Each day's lessons involves exercises and "homework" that you will put into practice to demonstrate progress throughout the challenge.

: After you apply and demonstrate success with these principles, people will want to learn your secrets!
Do you have a dream-goal, achievement, or experience you'd like to see realized, but aren't sure where to start or how to make it a reality?

Are you frustrated? Feel like you're perpetually stuck, spinning your wheels, and yet can't seem to get any closer to your goals?

Are you a Professional who has been sideswiped by the Covid-19 pandemic? But do you recognize it as an opportunity to be seized to reboot and/or relaunch new creative endeavors?

Want 8+ Proven Strategies Plus Mindsets to Get Unstuck, Maintain Momentum and Keep the Winning Feeling as You Move Toward Your Most Important Goals?

Join Martin Grunburg for this totally one-of-a-kind, two-Day Habits & Goals Mastery Challenge! 
Ready to take your life's results to the next level?
Time Sensitive: In approximately 60 minutes a day, this two-day LIVE and highly interactive challenge will help you to Get Unstuck and be moving quickly toward your most important goals!
ABOUT ME    |   FAQ w/ VIDEO (below)
Fellow Professional,

The question isn't if you're going to get stuck; the question is, how will you respond when it happens to you?

Tragically, some people stay stuck for years, even decades, until sadly, they don't even notice anymore. It's imperceptible, like the frog that's boiled to death, one degree at a time.

These people end up living a life "by default" rather than "by design."

Here's the good news: YOU are seeking! Intuitively, you know there is a better way to achieve your most important goals.

The next important step is to ask yourself a few difficult questions:

"Am I happy with my current results?"

"What do I really want to achieve in this life?"

Changing your focus toward quality questions allows you to direct and guide your energy toward your ideal outcome.

Speaking of questions, here are a few for you:

When was the last time you assessed your own process and results? 

Do you have a practical method/process for goal achievement? 

When was the last time you revisited your strategies and tactics? 

When was the last time you achieved a lifelong and life-changing goal?

Do you believe in living a life "by design" vs. "by default"?

How about this: 
When was the last time you modeled a proven process for goal achievement?

When I say "proven" I'm not just talking about my life experiences. After nearly a decade sharing, teaching (and probably a little preaching) about The Habit Factor®, nobody (and I mean nobody) has ever circled back to me and said, "Hey, Martin, this Habit Factor stuff is garbage... it doesn't work." 

Yep... that's never happened. NEVER. 

I don't say that to brag. 

Rather, since you're as smart as I think you are, I know you do NOT want to waste your time.

So, I'm doing what I can here to assure you that this is THE ANSWER, and it's powerful. 

By now, we have scores of success stories from people all over the world who have applied The Habit Factor® methodology to change their life.

FOR THIS PARTICULAR CHALLENGE, I've developed a custom "package" of the very best lessons, practices and methods (including exercises). ALL INCLUDED IN THIS TWO-DAY 2021 New Year Habits & Goals Mastery Challenge.

I'm certain you will not only enjoy the experience, but you'll reap the rewards for the REST OF YOUR LIFE. 

That's a promise and one heck of a guarantee.

That's correct: Once you fully understand The Habit Factor® methodology and the practice, you can apply this over and over and over again.

My backstory (time for a little irony):

The irony is that The Habit Factor® was born out of my frustration, anger and disappointment with my own results and inability to hit my own goals. 

That's right: Long before there was The Habit Factor®, there was a very disappointed ME! ; )

Simply put, I was unable to produce the results I wanted, and I struggled mightily, repeatedly falling short of my own big goals. 

To make matters worse, I spent thousands of dollars on development courses, programs, seminars and books. I followed every known "best practice" including SMART goals. 

I was beginning to think the problem was just me!

Out of total frustration I devised my own simplified process for goal achievement (only at the time I didn't even know it). My A.D.D. was fairly serious and my results suffering. I just couldn't stay on track with the goals I would set out to achieve. (BTW: Never officially diagnosed but that wasn't really necessary. ; )

Hence, this is precisely WHY The Habit Factor® and THIS GET UNSTUCK CHALLENGE exists, and how I know it will help you. 

But only when you DECIDE it's time to challenge yourself and invest in your own improvement.

This TWO-DAY CHALLENGE is strategically designed in short, easy-to-digest lessons and it's LIVE!

This Two-Day Challenge is essentially your HOW-TO, STEP-BY-STEP guide, with key insights that will race you toward your most important goals. 

Plus, we review the essential, key mindsets (mental habits) crucial for pursing your goals and ideals.

So, if you are STUCK and your results aren’t what you’d like them to be, often that can be traced right back to your habitual thinking and behaviors. 

Yep, your HABITS.

This Two-Day Challenge is designed to provide precisely the nudge (or sharp kick in the bottom) that you are looking for.

Just know that going through this Two-Day Challenge will challenge your thinking about your thinking, about yourself, your goals, habits, and YOUR FUTURE.

Being stuck SUCKS! 

Being passionate, enthused and headed toward something exciting is Ahhhh-mazing! It's more than a game-changer, it's a life-changer!

Learning and putting into practice these powerful ideas and the proven Habit Factor methodology with essential tools, frameworks and templates will propel you toward the life you desire—your IDEAL future.

A life by design rather than by default.

Are you ready to get started?

Great! Let's get after it and Get Unstuck, my friend!


P.S.: There is ZERO-RISK and we've never had a "Challenger" participant NOT be entirely thrilled by the results, experience and content provided! In fact, 100% of participants who've completed the post event survey would recommend the Challenge to a friend of loved one! That's correct, 100%! which makes enrolling a no-brainer!

See you on the inside!

Time Sensitive: In approximately 60 minutes a day, this two-day LIVE and highly interactive challenge will help you to Get Unstuck and be moving quickly toward your most important goals!

Who Is Martin Grunburg?

Martin was the first to introduce and then publish a simplified, practical, and revolutionary new method for goal achievement (within The Habit Factor®, 2010), which was quickly adopted and implemented by Ph.D.s, business consultants, life and business coaches, and a wide range of thought leaders around the world. 

Martin was invited to present these insights about habit and goal achievement at TEDx in the United Arab Emirates (immediately after The Habit Factor® was published), and his work has been featured in the world’s most popular productivity blogs, such as and, as well as the New York Times, C|Net, and OpenForum. 

Today, Martin is widely regarded as the father of the modern habit-tracking movement, specifically as it relates to goal achievement.

Prior to developing and authoring The Habit Factor®, Martin co-founded Home2Office Computing Solutions, Inc. (DBA C3 Networx). As former founder/COO, he’s been nominated twice for the Entrepreneur of the Year award (Ernst & Young) and has twice led his company to win the Better Business Bureau Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics. (Less than 10 and 25 employees, two years, two categories.

He currently lives in San Diego, California, and is fortunate enough to live by the ocean, thus he knows he's fortunate enough.
What is the daily schedule for the call?
The challenge actually allows for 3 days of content. There is one day dedicated Q & A Day (up to 60 minutes). A Bonus Day on Saturday. Each call takes place at 11 am PST/2 pm EST.

The schedule is as follows:
DAY ONE—Thursday call
DAY TWO—Friday call
BONUS DAY—(LIVE Only*) Saturday Q&A 
What is the content/agenda?
Day One: Clarity Exercises and Essential Goal Setting Tips, Techniques
Day Two: More about Goals, Exploring Habit, P.A.R.R. Habit Mastery and Essential Mindsets
Each day includes homework and exercises
How will I access the content?
The challenge itself takes place inside of a PRIVATE Facebook group. You will gain access to the group as soon as you complete the purchase and/or the group page is ready to go LIVE. Within the group we will host the live daily calls, upload the recordings, and post any templates/tools or homework. Also, this can be a powerful way to network with fellow challengers and encourage each other along the way.
What if I cannot make it LIVE every day but am still interested?
The entire course is available and accessible to you on your schedule. Even if you can't make any day live (or even ALL the days), you will find all recordings and content and you'll retain continued access.
Do I have to read "The Habit Factor" book before I can join this challenge?
Absolutely not. This challenge is self-contained and no further materials are needed. Having said that, the book is available as a supportive tool if you wish to learn more about habit and using it as a force for goal achievement.
Do I have to download and purchase The Habit Factor® mobile app?
Again, absolutely not. The course provides free tracking materials that will work just fine. The free app and paid app can be downloaded if you would like additional supportive resources and would like to use the digital functionality.
Why would I take this Habits & Goals Mastery Challenge?
If you are feeling "stuck" in any aspect of your life, whether it be in health, career, relationships, or any other area, this course can help you get moving.

If you'd like to change your trajectory for 2021 and make it your best year yet, this course holds the tools, exercises and material to help you get there.

If you are interested in personal development, achieving goals, or improving your life in a concrete way, this TWO-DAY CHALLENGE is for you. 

The course/challenge has been described as a MASTER CLASS in GOAL ACHIEVEMENT and provides powerful insights and techniques related to PRODUCTIVITY, DISCIPLINE, FOCUS, and proper MINDSETS to facilitate achievement.
Why is this challenge/course so inexpensive?
Our goal is to make The Habit Factor® methodology highly accessible! 

We have decided to
steeply discount this program for now and at the same time provide a highly engaging and interactive "Challenge" format. 
I don't have a "big" goal. All I want is to develop and improve my discipline and focus.
Great! Having a BIG goal is not a requirement. It's important to remember that DISCIPLINE IS A HABIT, and its development is strengthened over time. This CHALLENGE will provide all the information and tools required to improve and develop your discipline.  
Can I use this program/method/course to help me quit smoking?
Yes! While that is a very specific request, which involves to a varying degree an addiction to nicotine, this challenge is a comprehensive framework for GOALS and HABITS, so this challenge can help.  
My goal is to lose 40 pounds, can this challenge help?
Certainly. With all health-related goals, it's important to consult and review your goals and plans with your physician. Without knowing you and your particular history and background, consider this Challenge as a model and framework for not just losing weight, but ALL major goals in your life going forward.
How much time will it take each day?
Each call takes approximately 60 minutes. There will also be suggested daily homework that should take no longer than 1 hour to complete (some only take 5-10 minutes). So throughout the challenge, expect approximately 1.5 to 2-hour time investment per day. 
This is great! I want to refer other people. Do you have a commission or affiliate program?
Thank you very much. At this time we do not have any such programs, but we encourage you to share with your friends and family.
What if I am unhappy with the challenge?
Your satisfaction is guaranteed! If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, please contact us right away and you will have a full 30 DAYS AFTER PURCHASE to receive a full 100% refund. Thank you!
I have other questions. Who can I email?
Please send your email: with any other concerns or questions. Thank you!
*Important Note*: Any and ALL Products (books and planners) 
Shipped are non-refundable.

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