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Martin Grunburg, author The Habit Factor® & The Pressure Paradox™
Martin is a life-long entrepreneur, award-winning author, TEDx speaker (invited to speak in the United Arab Emirates) and creator of The Habit Factor® (app & book).  His ground-breaking insights about habit and goal achievement have been featured within dozens of the most popular publications including; The New York Times, C|Net, Mashable.com, Lifehacker.com, US News & World Report as well as dozens of online productivity blogs. 
The Habit Factor® has already helped thousands of busy, hard-working professionals (from all over the world- see below!) go from total frustration and overwhelm to rapidly realizing their most meaningful goals in just 28 days or less.

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Say "Goodbye" to perpetual overwhelm and frustration! Imagine never feeling "STUCK" again!
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 Michael E. Gerber, Time Magazine Top 25 Business Books of All Time
Author of the perennial bestseller The E-Myth Revisited
100% Authentic.
The Habit Factor was born of my own personal frustration and inability to achieve my own goals. I felt like I wasted years of my life trying dozens of different "best practices" and spending thousands of dollars following "gurus" in the process.
"Powerful. Practical. Certain to super-charge your success!"
Brian Tracy
Legendary Personal Development Icon, Author of Over 60 Books in 36 Languages
Author of the perennial bestseller, Eat That Frog!
just a handful of comments about this proven, step-by-step method for positive habit development & Goal Achievement!
“When you commit to the insightful lessons, you will forever avoid mediocrity and relish in a life of sweet success. Give yourself this gift!
Anthony F. Smith
Ed.D., Co-Founder Leadership Research Institute
 Best-selling author of The Taboos of Leadership
The Habit Factor® has already changed the game for thousands of hard-working PROFESSIONALS in various industries...
Professors, Teachers, Doctors, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, PhD's, Managers, General Managers, Sales Managers, MLMs, Marketers, Lawyers, Real Estate Pros (Commercial & Residential) 
Law Enforcement, Editors, Writers,  Radio & TV "Talent", Professional & Olympic Athletes,  Athletic Coaches, Life Coaches, Entrepreneurs, CEO's
and at least one Superior Court Judge    ; ).

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"The Habit Factor is a powerful and simple strategy for creating meaningful change... this step-by-step process gets results."
Gary Ridge
CEO WD-40 Company
Author, Helping People Win at Work
The Habit Factor® + The Pressure Paradox™ = Goal achievement simplified.
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